This 1 trick will stop windows 10 from installing on your PC forever.

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It’s very hard to get away from windows 10. Even if you don’t want to, windows 10 will download itself just in case you may want it, taking up valuable hard drive space. Once the windows 10 files are downloaded, windows will usually try to install itself. The upgrade is not very pleasant for some. Sometimes windows uninstalls some of your programs that may not be compatible, your computer may become slower and sometimes it may not boot at all.

Microsoft has released a method for preventing the installation of windows 10 but it requires tinkering with the registry and other technical knowledge. Steve Gibson from has released a tool to automate the process.

Simply download the utility, run it and click to disable the windows 10 update, simple as that.



The file is very small it only takes less than a second to download.


Windows is safe from windows 10 now.

It also has the option to remove downloaded windows 10 files.

never103Click to download

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