I’ve been getting a lot of customers come to me with the same issue over and over, their computer has been blocked by a virus and they are asked to call a number then lured into paying a certain amount of money to get rid of the virus otherwise they will get in trouble, it’s a

We will learn how to set up Windows Backup for the first time as well as how to set it to a schedule so that it backs up regularly. You can back up your files to an external hard drive, USB flash drive, to CDs or DVDs, or even use an online service. Visit my

  We’ve all being annoyed by those Youtube ads, Facebook ads and google search ads that come up when we least expect them, with this tool you can get rid of them all. It’s called Adblock Click here to download.   It works on Internet Explorer, Chrome and firefox. it enables blocking feature for every unnecessary

It’s very hard to get away from windows 10. Even if you don’t want to, windows 10 will download itself just in case you may want it, taking up valuable hard drive space. Once the windows 10 files are downloaded, windows will usually try to install itself. The upgrade is not very pleasant for some. Sometimes windows

What is a Solid State Drive? In everyday use, it provides the same functionality as a traditional hard disk drive (HDD) — the standard for computer storage for many years. In fact, you wouldn’t even know whether you’re using an SSD or HDD if it wasn’t for the differences in how they operate. SSDs use

1. Desktop or Laptop? When it comes to buying a new computer you have to ask your self 1 question: *Am I going to be Mobile or Stationary? Mobile: Laptops can be very heavy as well, make sure you pick something light, thin, decent design and with a good keyboard. Most people buy a laptop for

Download music for Free from YouTube

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The main reason people get infected with viruses is from downloading music from shady sites or even using sketchy software. Today i will show you a simple 3 step way to download any song you like from the massive video data base called YouTube. We will be using a tool called aTube  *Download here Note:

  You ever wonder how one can use a computer to play movie DVD’s without having to purchase expensive equipment or even paying for anything at all. Microsoft opted not to include DVD support because so many new computers – especially tablets and ultrabooks – aren’t coming with DVD drives. Microsoft pays a licensing fee