3 Ways to Get rid of Virus on your Computer or Laptop

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I’ve been getting a lot of customers come to me with the same issue over and over, their computer has been blocked by a virus and they are asked to call a number then lured into paying a certain amount of money to get rid of the virus otherwise they will get in trouble, it’s a scam 👿 .

Before fixing this we have to understand what it is at its core, first of all we know that this is a basic website that was originally made with certain functions to trap the visitor and use scare tactics to keep their attention on the fact that government is watching you and since you visited this site you are automatically in trouble, then comes the fake “Microsoft 1-800-number” you have to call to get this fixed. Most people will call, including myself for research purposes which will only lead you to a fake support team supposedly from Microsoft claiming that they are monitoring your computer and that your computer is hosting viruses.

Like mentioned before this is all fake, mostly used as a scare tactic to trap you in your own fear and get you to pay them even up to $500 per session. I highly recommend avoiding any contact with them as i will give you 3 easy ways to get rid of that annoying page once and for all.



  • Press Ctrl+Alt+Del


  • Click on “Start Task Manager” and select your browser


  • Click on “End Task” , close all of them in this case is Chrome but it could be iexplorer or firefox depending on the browser you use.
  • After closing the browser we are ready to do the virus scan and removals.


You can use any of the following antivirus and malware removal below to perform a clean up:








  • I recommend running all of these three and then rebooting your computer , you should be safe browsing the internet but avoid any sketchy websites. You can go to our old post about How to stop annoying ads on websites to be free of these kind of scams in the future.




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